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Health Insurance

Bad Faith Denial
Of Elbow Surgery
$1.2 Million Jury Verdict

Auto Accident

Head-On Collision
Small Business Owner
$1.4 Million Settlement

Motorcycle Accident

Motorcyclist Killed
When Truck Enters Roadway
$750,000 Settlement


Over 30 years of trial experience with a proven record of successful verdicts and settlements Robert Garcin is a 1979 graduate of Loyola Law School in Los Angeles and is admitted to practice law in California and Colorado. Mr. Garcin specializes in representing accident-injury victims, and in claims against insurance companies. He has extensive trial and negotiation experience obtaining optimum results for clients. Mr. Garcin is a member of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association.

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Our courteous professional staff is prepared to assist you in the successful completion of your legal matters. Robert Garcin emphasizes services with compassion and understanding.



For serious accident injuries, you need a competent and experienced personal injury trial lawyer. A competent and experienced personal injury trial lawyer will fight for the client and do what it takes to obtain a fair settlement, including taking your case to trial.

Hiring one of the big advertising law firms does not improve your chances for the best settlement. The big firms deal in volume and clients often get lost in the shuffle. These firms are interested in signing up as many clients as they can and deciding later which ones are really worth their time and effort. Also, the big firms start with a fee of 35% and increase that fee if a lawsuit is filed or if your case goes to trial. You should never have to pay a lawyer more than one-third, 33 1/3% of your settlement, even if your case goes to trial.

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When you are injured in a vehicle collision you are on your own!

When you are injured in a vehicle collision you are on your own! The insurance companies consistently fail to be fair and realistic about the compensation an injured person should receive.

For many of the more serious and complicated injury scenarios, you need a lawyer who has strong litigation and trial experience. You have a serious injury and an important story to tell and you need someone experienced in getting that story across to a jury.

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What’s your take on lawyers who advertise on television?

As an experienced and respected Personal Injury Attorney in Loveland for over 30 years I have seen lawyers who advertise on television tend to diminish the status of lawyers in the eyes of the public. There is always the risk that a potential juror in your case, if you have no alternative to a jury trial, might be prejudiced against attorneys who spend millions of dollars selling what they bill as quick and easy money. I think jurors have more respect for lawyers who do a great job ethically representing their clients rather than puffing up their image on television and belittling the legal process along the way.

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Hiring an Injury Lawyer v. Handling Your Claim Yourself

Usually, if you have been injured in an automobile collision, you will require the services of an experienced personal injury trial lawyer if you want to obtain a fair recovery. Insurance company adjusters are very good at acting as if they care about your personal situation, but the plain and simple fact is they don’t! These people are highly trained at taking advantage of you in any way they can. They are looking out only for the insurance company and do not really care about the impact of any injury on your life.

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Garcin Law Announces Recent Jury Verdict: From Robert Garcin

Recently, I was privileged to represent a 22 year old who was 17 and starting her senior year at Fort Collins High School when she was sandwiched in a 4 vehicle chain collision. Three vehicles were traveling in a left lane. The mini- van in the right lane changed lanes and “cut off” our client, then failed to stop for the vehicle ahead, rear-ending it. The client couldn’t stop in time and rear-ended the mini-van. Then, a fourth vehicle “smashes” into client according to an eyewitness who also saw client violently “jerked back and forth” in crash.

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What to do when facing a personal injury

If you have been involved in a serious accident in Colorado, you may be facing devastating circumstances that could affect the rest of your life. Being affected by physical and emotional pain from injuries sustained can impact your future and affect you for years to come.

Whether your injuries have affected your ability to work or enjoy life or merely caused you short-term discomfort, if your accident was caused due to someone else’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

When choosing a personal injury attorney to help you with your claim, it is wise to review what they can do for you. At the Law Office of Robert A. Garcin, we have over 30 years of legal experience in Colorado, having helped hundreds of people successfully win their cases. Because you will likely incur medical costs and other losses, such as property damage or lost time from work, getting the professional help you need to pursue every possible form of compensation is key to being able to return to a normal lifestyle.

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What to do if you’ve been injured…

  • Cooperate with law enforcement and medical personnel
  • Record names and addresses of all parties and witnesses involved
  • Obtain necessary follow-up care for injuries
  • Notify your own insurance carrier
  • Do not give any written or recorded statements to any insurance adjuster or investigator
  • Talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer


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