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Insurance Bad Faith

Auto, life, disability and health insurance companies are required by law to act in good faith and honor the coverage expected and paid for by their policyholders. When an insurance company acts in bad faith, denies benefits unreasonably or willfully delays payments, they can be sued and legally forced to pay damages to you, the policyholder, in court. If you or someone you know has become a victim of insurance company bad faith conduct, denied your expected, rightful benefits by an insurance company, you need to contact an experienced, reliable insurance bad faith attorney as soon as possible. The law offices of Robert A.Garcin and our highly trained staff have the expertise required to handle this very specialized and complex area of the law.

Each state has its own laws and regulations regarding insurance bad faith lawsuits, therefore it is extremely important that you seek out the best qualified, most experienced insurance bad faith attorney, who is familiar with the laws and statutes in your area. Robert A. Garcin has many years of successful experience in this field and he has repeatedly won cases involving the denial of benefits and insurance bad faith claims. The attorneys at the law offices of Robert A. Garcin are dedicated and determined to win these actions brought against insurance companies who have willfully and unreasonably deceived their innocent policyholders. Many of these cases involve fraud and breach of contract because of the unlawful acts of the insurance company and their agents. In all of these cases, we are relentless in pursuing a fair payment on your policy.

Robert A. Garcin has the expertise and resources to successfully take on your insurance bad faith claim and fight for you against the large, perhaps intimidating, insurance company who has unreasonably denied your benefits. When an insurance company deliberately places their own interest above that of the policyholder, the victim needs to seek restitution and compensation in court. We can help you. At the law offices of Robert A Garcin we take pride in the fact that we make our clients our top priority. We will work diligently and aggressively to see to it that the insurance company pays the rightful sum on your policy and compensates you for your pain and suffering caused by their act of bad faith or fraud.

We know your rights as an insurance policyholder in good standing, and we will fight for you and take care of all of the necessary, complicated procedures that are involved in this matter. The law offices of Robert A. Garcin will handle your case with individual, personal attention and we will win for you. We are pleased to offer a free initial consultation regarding your insurance bad faith claim.