Colorado Motorcycle, Trucking & Auto Accident Attorneys

A few recent settlements…

Rear End Collision
The injured Plaintiff was a 32 year-old waitress. She was turning right onto a side street when
she was rear-ended at a high rate of speed by a pick up truck. The collision forced her vehicle up
and over a curb and into a building. Low back injury will require ongoing chiropractic and
physical therapy. Plaintiff is limited in what she can do in the future. Settlement: $375,000

Dog Bite
Social guest bitten in face when she reached out to pet large dog which had never shown any
signs of aggression. [This is a case where in Colorado you are only entitled to economic losses,
not pain and suffering or disfigurement] Settlement: $100,000.

Bicycle Accident
The claimant was training for a triathlon. Defendant failed to see Plaintiff from his pickup truck
and failed to yield to her at a stop sign. He ran the stop sign and the bicyclist slammed into the
truck. Injury to the knee from hitting the truck. Settlement: $80,000.