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What’s your take on lawyers who advertise on television?

As an experienced and respected Personal Injury Attorney in Loveland for over 30 years I have seen lawyers who advertise on television tend to diminish the status of lawyers in the eyes of the public. There is always the risk that a potential juror in your case, if you have no alternative to a jury trial, might be prejudiced against attorneys who spend millions of dollars selling what they bill as quick and easy money. I think jurors have more respect for lawyers who do a great job ethically representing their clients rather than puffing up their image on television and belittling the legal process along the way.

With some of the advertisers you run the risk of finding yourself in a “mill.” You might have a case where a hard-working compassionate local lawyer could help you obtain a $45,000 settlement. The typical “mill” might get you to settle for $25,000 because they make money on volume and quick turnover. The insurance companies know who these “mills” are and take advantage of it.

In any personal injury case its best to hire a lawyer who has a strong background and experience in jury trials. This is the surest way to obtain the fairest result in your case, even through a negotiated settlement. It is true that insurance companies know which lawyers go to trial and which lawyers always settle before trial.

I have tried over sixty personal injury jury trials in my career, with mostly excellent success. Although it is always better to avoid having to go to court, you still tend to get a better settlement if you are represented by a lawyer willing to go to trial. Some of the best settlements happen on the courthouse steps.