Colorado Motorcycle, Trucking & Auto Accident Attorneys


For serious accident injuries, you need a competent and experienced personal injury trial lawyer. A competent and experienced personal injury trial lawyer will fight for the client and do what it takes to obtain a fair settlement, including taking your case to trial.

Hiring one of the big advertising law firms does not improve your chances for the best settlement. The big firms deal in volume and clients often get lost in the shuffle. These firms are interested in signing up as many clients as they can and deciding later which ones are really worth their time and effort. Also, the big firms start with a fee of 35% and increase that fee if a lawsuit is filed or if your case goes to trial. You should never have to pay a lawyer more than one-third, 33 1/3% of your settlement, even if your case goes to trial.

In many larger cases, especially those involving wrongful death, Robert Garcin will reduce the charges to 25%, maximizing the client’s recovery by tens of thousands of dollars.

Hiring a local, experienced trial lawyer will save you time and money in the long run and provides the satisfaction of a personal relationship where your injuries and losses are given personal attention.

Initial case evaluation office visits are always free of charge and provide the opportunity to get to know the professionals who will help you through the challenging process of pursuing a personal injury claim. Contact us at 970-667-4700 today to set up free no obligation appointment to discuss your case.